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We are small and dedicated team of talented people.

Enea company was established in 2003 as the one man company providing various graphic design services. Over the years we realised, that our passion for making video games is still in us, since we were young kids playing with Commodore 64.
We are developing our own HTML5 games, but we are also building games and web applications for our clients. Even when our core business are HTML5 games, we are aware that we must be seeking for other opportunities as well.

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Our Services

We are creating great and fun to play video games. We are focusing on post-PC devices - tablets and mobiles.
But of course, our games are running flawlessly on desktop computers too.


As a part of development or as standalone service, we can handle all graphic design by ourselves.


We love making video games. But we are open to other opportunities as well.


If you don't have time or capacities to create something, we can do it for you.

If you are looking to buy or license HTML5 games for your website, take a look at our games catalog

Our Portfolio

We are proud of what we do. These are examples of our projects.

Happy to announce we worked (code) on 25 Days of Gifts by @PlayerthreeUK (visuals) for @Disney

Get messy in this endless runner, lovely looking Facebook Instant Game.

Happy to announce we worked (code) on Dirty Lou's Sauce Mania by @PlayerthreeUK (visuals) for @kfc

Peter Perfect, Penelope Pitstop or The Gruesome Twosome? Who will win the race?

Happy to announce we worked (code) on Wacky Races - Road Trip by @PlayerthreeUK (visuals) for @boomerang

Happy to announce we worked (code) on HalloVeen by @PlayerthreeUK (visuals) for @Disney

Match three game for small kids featuring cute spine animations and cool visual effects.

Happy to announce we worked (code) on Floogals - Project Matchup by @PlayerthreeUK (visuals) for @SproutChannel

Game where Cannonbolt smashes rocks like eggs, Overflow extinguishes fire, Xlr8 runs faster than Lightning Bolt and much much more...

Happy to announce we worked (code) on Ben10 - Hero Time by @PlayerthreeUK (visuals) for @cartoonnetwork

Fast-paced game, where you need to shush noisy audience before maximum noise level is reached.

Happy to announce we worked (code) on Shush Ninjas by @PlayerthreeUK (visuals) for @cartoonnetwork

You already know ZUMA game, right?

Shoot balls to make group of three balls, create combos, use power-ups ! Compare your achievements with friends in this cute fast-pacing puzzle video game that will keep you entertained for hours.

Fly. Fly to the sky.

Escape the dangerous dungeon, while avoiding saw discs on your way up. Rest on the wall, slide down and carefully time your next jump.

Well, get on it, chop chop!

Chop-Chop is Timberman game clone, where you must chop the tree as fast as you can before time runs out while avoiding falling tree chunks. On mobile devices simply tap on the left/right side of the screen, on desktops you can use mouse or left/right arrows to control timberman.

And by the way, game did very well in BLUR launch Jam (@theBLURapp) winning third prize and will be one of the first implemented on their upcomming platform!

After so many tries to find her way back to home, all we can say is : she really is little Brave Owl !

Brave Owl is Flappy Bird like game with some unique twists and cute graphics. On your way between poles you can earn points to enhace your score. Collecting blue items will add +1 point to your score, red items will add you +3 points. Games is also slightly speeding up with every 10 points your earn.

Addicting puzzle game, that will tickle your brain more than you could expect.

Flipping Jellies is an puzzle game, where your task is to order jellies to desired form. By reordering little jellies to colourful patterns you will train your logical thinking. You start from monocoloured patterns to beautiful colourful pictures.

Cute tic-tac-toe game, featuring single player and multiplayer modes


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